Learn Your Family’s History

Dig In To Your Family’s Past and Learn Your Roots!

Dr. Nancy blends expertise in anthropology and genealogy to create a complete picture: “who am I, and where did my people come from?” She leverages the latest in DNA testing and study of native people across the globe to put faces to names and connections to biogeographic origins.

Diggin’ our Past Genealogical Services include:

  • African American Ancestry
  • Understanding Your Biogeographic Origins
  • Family Lineage Research, Report & Charts
  • Genetic Genealogy
  • Genealogy Software Assistance
  • Instruction on proper storage of documents, photos, slides and negatives
  • Single Record Search

If you’ve been curious to learn your family’s history, discover your past and uncover your family’s genetic roots, contact Dr. Nancy at Diggin’ Our Past today to get started!