Diggin' Our Past Services Include:

Dr. Nancy provides a broad range of services that derive for her background in anthropology and genealogy. These services include:

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  1. African American Family History

    Dr. Nancy’s professional and personal background give her a unique vantage point for helping you uncover your African American ancestry.

  2. Understanding Your Biogeographic Origins

    Dr. Nancy leverages the latest in DNA testing and study of native people across the globe to help you understand where your ancestors originated.

  3. Family Lineage Research, Report and Charts

    Dr. Nancy digs deep into your family history and provides an in-depth report and chart detailing your family history.

  4. Genetic Genealogy

    Use DNA testing results with genealogical and historical records to flesh out your family history.

  5. Genealogy Software Assistance

    For those who want to do their own genealogical research, but struggle with the technology, Dr. Nancy will help you learn to use Genealogy Software.